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For all that, I think we will be working on his oral skills for next couple of days. We xnxx porno seem to have overdone, today. Sitting is a constant reminder of today's adventures. And xnx xnxx gay I don't even want to *think* about having to go to the bathroom. End desi xnxx Journal Entry ***************** In late January, the two young people bid each other a sad farewell and returned to their respective colleges for the start of their Spring Term studies. Jacqui, however, also had another course of study that was also going to demand her attention, as well. Bronwyn had left San Bernardino on some type of business trip right after the New Year, but not before she had made the girl a promise. Sensitive to Jacqui's new sexual experience and her heightened self awareness, Bronwyn and Laurie had decided that it was finally time to begin teaching Jacqui the fundamentals of the Transformation Spell. Unfortunately, before they could begin the training, the trip to Texas had come up. Jacqui was in class that afternoon in early February when Bronwyn had returned to xxx California. Laurie met her at the airport and then drove them both straight back to her house. "How did it go with Bobbie?" Laurie asked the obviously exhausted Bronwyn once they were on the Freeway. Her head wwwxnxx resting against the seat and her eyes closed, xnxx download Bronwyn responded. "Fine. video porno Roberta and her wwwxnxx unborn son are xnnx doing well, and are on track for a mid-March birth. I visited her doctor while xnxx/ I was in Austin, and he is site xnxx pleased with the progress of the pregnancy. As to our other concern, I completed xnxx .com the training her Mother left undone when she died last fall. xnxx telugu She is now fully ready to be the parent of a future member of the Sisterhood." "So she knows the Birth xnxx. com Rites now, and understands their importance?" zoo xnxx "Yes. And she xnxx movies is knows all she needs to know about the Transformation Spell, too. 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"Since I do xnxxcom want to wake xnxx sex video up in a few days, I will do it on my own. You would probably keep me asleep for week." "I wouldn't, but Jacqui would. She is much more sensitive to you than I am. She's the one who told me you would need rest. I think she is attuned to you, High Priestess." "Great. Just what I need. An overly-powerful, under- controlled novice with her psychic nose in my business." "She is pretty xnxx indo great, isn't she?" Laurie gushed maternally. Bronwyn nodded as she let herself japan xnxx be led up to bed. "Yeah, she is that. Now, xnxx japanese if we can just keep her." Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 6 months 2 days A. T. I let Bronwyn wake up yesterday. Afterwards, she spent the rest of the morning sulking. xnxn (You did, too, Bronwyn. Just ask Mom). Still, the rest xnxx jav did xnxx porn wonders for her and she is back in fine form. Today, she and Mom started teaching me xnxx download the Transformation Spell. Actually, if I understand what they xxnx said, they also *finished* teaching me the Transformation Spell. Which is really strange, considering it took me almost four https // months to get any knack at all with the shape shifting magic. I am going to write this all down, xnxx videos and then talk to Bronwyn and tamil xnxx Mom from this entry afterwards. That should help me decide if I have gotten this all down. Essentially, the Transformation Spell is very simple. I can actually cast it right now - on someone else. What I cannot do with it is use it on myself. The reason xnxx videos for that is not a xnxx mom matter of lack of power, but rather, lack of self understanding and lack of control. Rather lowering to realize I don't have either yet, but Bronwyn says that I still need some very specific experiences first. Only then will I be able to turn the magic on myself and not destroy myself in the process. To start the day's learning, Mom xnxx/ gave me the family records to read. These are the real ones, the ones that document our xnxx indonesia family's place in the Sisterhood, the birthing of boy children and their subsequent Transformation into https // women. I found the entries of the two men who died trying to undo what their Mother's www xnxx had done to them. The one who forced his Mother to attempt the counter spell cost her more xxxx than her gay xnxx child. She lost the Gift of the Goddess when he died under her spell. She had been High Priestess of the Sisterhood at the time. So, what are these "experiences" I need to desi xnxx go through? I don't know that, either - at least, I don't know the specifics xnxx hindi of them. There are some things I do know. xnxx hot First of all, there are three of them. xnxx teen And japanese xnxx I know a bit about what they are supposed to be. Bronwyn listed them for me. They are, and I think this is the order I will face them in, too, A special awakening. A xnxx japanese special ordeal. A special re-birth. Mom and Bronwyn promised me that I will know, instinctively, when I indian xnxx have met all three requirements. It is just that they cannot tell me what any of the tests are before xnxx cina hand or the magic will not work for me. I have given my word not to turn the Transformation Spell upon myself without that mental "go- ahead". I sex guess the time for these experiences must be close at hand, though. They would not be teaching zoo xnxx me this now, otherwise. One thing about Bronwyn, she does nothing xnxx app without a reason. As much as I xxnn love that sexy lady, she xnxx indonesia can be one cold, calculating woman when she thinks something is important. xvideos End Journal Entry. ***************** "She wrote out just porno xnxx about the entire lesson word for word in her journal, Laurel. I cannot get over the powers of recall and xnxx stories intuition she has developed." "I know what you mean. Has she given any indication that she knows what the three free porn experiences really entail?" "No, but I am not sure if that is because www.xnxx she has not speculated on what they are, or if she has an idea and does not want to face the thought of what they entail. Conception of a child is the awakening, the trauma of giving xnxx stories birth is the ordeal, and xnxx desi giving suckle to a child of her own body nxxn is the re-birth." She smiled gay xnxx at her friend. "We never figured it out until afterwards, did we?" her tone was meant to encourage. "*We* never did a lot of the things she has done since Transformation. Goddess, xnxx selingkuh Bronwyn, if she had gotten pregnant last summer, she'd be coming into her xnxx vina garut full power xnxx korea now. In only eighteen months! That is incredibly fast. I can't find any record of anyone being faster." "You think she might figure the riddle out?" Bronwyn was concerned. "I don't know, Bronwyn. She may be trying not to think about it because we told her it xnxx japan might interfere with the magic, but you have seen how strong her intuition has gotten. I think it is very possible she may unwittingly solve it without even realizing it." "Yes, she xnxx. com is that bright, isn't she? Damn! www xnxx com Well, there is only one thing we can do now if we are going to keep our word to her. I will remove all of my inhibition spells from Marcus. In fact, I am going to give him a bit of nudge so that he thoroughly ravishes her next month when he is home on break." Thoughtfully, Laurie nodded. She no longer believed her daughter xxnxx would harm a child of her own body as she had threatened to do all those many months ago. Hadn't she said as much in her journal a few months back? "Make sure he is wonderful for her, Bronwyn. It should be wonderful for a girl her first xnxx time. Please?" A feline smile lit xnxx. xnxx indian Bronwyn's face. "Oh, vidio xnxx he will be superb, darling. I guarantee it. He will drive her make her crazy and make her love https // every xxxx second of it. My word on it, darling. You have xxx xnxx my word on it. So be it." she said in the oath of her order. "So be it." repeated Laurie, xnxn her voice choking with emotion at what they had just ordained for Jacqui. *********************** Lancaster read the copy of the doctor's report on the status of the Lawler-bitch's pregnancy. It pleased him. xxxx All was normal and she would deliver xnxx india in the next site xnxx week to two weeks. His Investigations Chief had been particularly thorough with this one. Members of the Brotherhood now worked at the hospital she would be taken to for the birth. They would alert the action team www xnxx xnxx com and help them stage themselves for the abduction. Soon, he thought. Very soon and I will understand something that is key to the survival of the Sisterhood. When I understand that, I can take action www.xnxx against it, hopefully crippling that weak gaggle of weakling men-made-women. All he had xvideos to do was wait patiently a while xnxx bokep longer and he would learn what he needed to know to destroy the xnxx arab Sisterhood once and for all time. Anticipation had a lovely taste. he thought, especially the xxx xnxx anticipation of blood. ~----------~ A Change of Direction Chapter 25 The phone in Laurie's bedroom rang. Fumbling in the dark, she reached over to answer it. An excited voice stumbled over the words, and had to repeat them twice. Whoever it was, wanted xnxx gay to speak to Bronwyn - *immediately*. She shook her lover awake and handed over the receiver before padding off to the bathroom. When she returned, the bedroom was ablaze with light, and a tear-stricken Bronwyn was furiously pulling on her clothes. "Bronwyn, what is the matter?" Laurie asked moving to her friend's side. "It's Bobbie." she sobbed, dashing away a tear. "She had the child tonight, but no sooner had they taken the vina garut xnxx child from the birth canal, then armed men stormed the birthing room. The nurse midwife and xnxx/ the attending doctor were killed. The baby and Bobbie have disappeared. I am leaving on the next flight to Austin to help the Sisters search." " we know if the rites were performed?" Laurie asked. "No, but it would seem that they weren't. An intern watching on closed circuit television told the first Sister on the scene that the men took the child from the midwife's hands before she had even straightened xnxx india up from catching xnxx movies him." A cold chill ran down Laurie's spine. "That sounds terribly like whoever did this was trying to prevent the Birth Rites. That means it is probably the Brotherhood behind this." Grimly, Bronwyn nodded. "I agree. That is why I want you to sunny leone xnxx alert the Sisterhood. I want a search team in Austin as soon as we can possibly get them there. And I want you to be standing by to come if xnxxx we need . . . if we need a healer." Laurie nodded and helped Bronwyn into her jacket. "I will call as soon as I know anything. Take care of Jacqui, luv." And with that, she was out the door. Alone and sex xnxx afraid, Laurie stood there in the center of the room, xnxx mom at a loss about what to do next. Then she knew. Getting her robe, she went out of her room and down the hall to Jacqui's room where she crawled into bed beside her xnxx telugu child. Someone she knew may well have lost a child this night. May the Goddess have mercy on anyone who tried to take or to harm *her* child. Laurel Donovan, gentle healer and high adept of the peace site xnxx loving Sisterhood, would have none. ********************** Lancaster was well pleased with this evening's work. The woman and the child had been kept separate since their capture. Gloating, he examined the small woman xxx xnxx more closely. She had some Asian blood porn xnxx in her with those small bones and that long, straight, black hair. Contemptuously, he asked himself how anyone could think that this puny female, this un- manned creature, could possibly be someone that he, the High Leader of the Brotherhood, First in the Power xnxxx of the Dark One, should have to fear? It was laughable. The child chose that moment to awaken and to announce that fact loudly in the way of all newborns. Not accustomed to children, the noise angered Lancaster who reacted as he always did when videos xnxx upset. He struck out at the nearest being to him. His back hand brought Roberta out of the half conscious state she had been in since the birth of her child. Dazed, she looked xxnn up at xnxx indian Lancaster's furious face. xnxx hd "Shut that child up, woman. Now!" He was bellowing. "He's hungry." She said in a thready whisper. "He won't stop until he's xnxx video been fed." The noise was more than the Lancaster could stand. Without thinking, he snatched the bawling child up and nearly threw him at mom xnxx the woman. "Then FEED him." Roberta did xnxx 2019 not expect to survive this, but she feared her xnxx hot child might. Quickly, she bared her breast and put the child to her nipple, all the while mumbling the words of the Birth Rites that been taught to her by the High Priestess. She had just completed the silently spoken spell when her child found and clamped onto her nxxn puckered nipple. As he began to suck furiously at sex video her, xnxx bokep she felt xnxx barat something start to build porno inside her. It grew xnxx cina and became stronger, xnxx 2019 until it was like her nipple was connected to an electrical circuit. And then, she knew it all. The full power of the Transformation Spell was now hers to command. Holding her child tightly against her breast, she sang the song of power, felt bokep xnxx the power come to her, felt it enfold her, and finally, felt it change her. The men in the video porno room saw it, too. Suddenly, the tiny woman was over seven feet tall and still growing. Huge muscles bulged on her limbs, and hard shell-like armor seemed to appear about her body. The first of the Brothers to recover hurled himself at her and was flung aside like a doll, crumpling xxx videos against the wall. A melee ensued, with the Brothers trying to subdue xnxx teen the huge monster-woman, but their weapons, bodies and powers were unequal to the task. Grimly, Roberta started moving toward the door and freedom, determined to escape this place and to warn her Sisters. xnxx. com Lancaster had stood apart during the xnxx tamil free-for-all, partly because free porn he was furious with himself for having been the one to give the child to the woman, japan xnxx and partly to ascertain the full extent of the woman's power. His inaction ended when he saw her make a break for the door. With great deliberation, he raised xnxx app both of his hands above his head. His lips moved, making soundless words in a language known only to the followers of the Dark One. The raised hands turned black and began to shimmer and pulse with a strange glow that heralded the total absence of light rather than its presence. The glow coalesced into a writhing mass that was xnxx sex video contained between his two hands for just a moment, and then it reached out to the xnxx download fleeing Transformed Sister and her child. The instant the lightlessness touched her, Roberta screamed in hellish xnxx arab agony. The dark hole enveloped her, surrounded her and blotted her from the view of those Brothers still awake to see it. Suddenly, the screams stopped, and Lancaster video porno lowered his hands. Without his will to hold it contained, the lightlessness gave way to www xnxx com light and revealed the bodies of porn videos a dead woman and a xnxx arab dead child. Interestingly to Lancaster, the spell that had changed sex video the woman into that amazon xnxx gay monster had not died with her. It xxx videos was too bad she had died before he could have learned everything he wanted to porn know, and even worse that the child had xnxx india died. Still, he had learned something tonight. Whatever had happened to the xnxx mom woman, it had happened to her after she had begun feeding sex videos the brat. Was that some type of rite of passage for these women who had once xnxx sex been men? Did they only come into their full power after suckling their infant? That had to be it, thought japanese xnxx Lancaster triumphantly. Now he had them. Now he could turn their very rites against them. He, Lancaster, had the means to finally destroy the Sisterhood. He looked at the injured men he'd brought with him. All alive, he thought. She could not even kill to protect her whelp. How hopelessly weak they are. "Dispose of porn videos the bodies in the acid tank. I want nothing xnxx hot left of them." he ordered xxn indian xnxx his Investigations Chief as he strode to the door. This called for a drink. ~-------~ "She's gone, Laurie. I felt her die. She's dead and her child with her." came the sobbing voice on the other end of the phone line. "You are sure? There is no doubt?" She heard Bronwyn blow her nose and take a deep cleansing breath. "We don't have the bodies, if xvideo that's what you mean, but I felt porno her use the Transformation Spell, Laurie." Another deep breath. "And I felt the Dark Power take her. She died at the hands of a member of the Brotherhood, Laurie. An incredibly powerful wwwxnxx member, perhaps xvideos even the High Leader, himself." "Then we are at war, High Priestess. What are your immediate plans?" "I am coming home, luv. I need to rest and to think. We don't even know who he is, yet, so we don't know how to attack xxx videos him. He is way xnxx video ahead of us, now, and moving too quickly will hurt us more than porn videos help us. I will see you in a few hours. May I stay with you tonight?" "Just you try to stay any place else, lover, and all hell will break loose. Now get off the phone and get on home to people who love you." Laurie hung up the phone, and wished that her daughter was home where she could protect her and keep her safe. If there was such a thing xnxx com/ as safety, anymore. ******************* Lancaster relaxed, sipping the aged cognac and reviewing the night's revelations one more time. The woman had come into her power after she'd given birth and after she'd nursed the child. The key, xnxx telugu then, was to xxnxx prevent the child from suckling his xnxx com mother, xnxx korea but that was not a problem. Lancaster smiled. A dead woman cannot nurse a child. As if he, the High Leader, would let one of those bitches feed *his* son. What a coup, he mused. The next High Leader of the Brotherhood, the son of the current High Leader and one of the damnable Sisters. A child born of the power of their Goddess and of his Dark One; a child xxx in whom the ages-old schism between the power of light and the power of darkness would be breached. A child xxx video that would be his son and who would serve the Brotherhood, xnxx korea while destroying the Sisterhood. All he needed was a Sister to plant his seed in; a Sister who had not yet given birth and thus, had not yet come into the fullness of her powers. A powerless Sister xnxx desi who would not be a threat to him. How he'd make her suffer. He would give xxnx her the full benefit of her new female state by forcing her to experience, completely unaided by any modern medical convenience, natural child birth before he killed her. After all, he could always take the child bokep xnxx if he needed to since she was not going xvideo to survive more than a few moments after the xnxx sex videos child's birth, anyway. It would be so . . . .sublime. Fortunately, he knew exactly where to find such porno xnxx a member of the cursed Sisterhood. Her college advisor still reported weekly to his Chief of Investigations about her activities and whereabouts. He'd increase the surveillance on her again, all the same. She sex videos was too important a piece of the puzzle to be careless with. All he needed was a little more time to finish his final preparations. He was almost ready. Soon, very soon, he would strike and take what was rightfully his. ~----------~ Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 8 Months 21 days A. T. The death of Mom's and Bronwyn's friend, Bobbie japanese xnxx in childbirth has cast quite a pall about the house. The baby died, too, so it is just a bad thing all around. I did not know her, xnxx asia but Mum and Bronwyn liked her, so she must have been good people. xnxx indonesia I suspect she was a member of their Sisterhood, but I have not asked and they had not volunteered the information. It has reminded me, quite forcefully, however, mom xnxx of my own mortality and my newfound vidio xnxx femininity. Women still die in childbirth. I am a woman. Those two facts, taken in combination, are rather daunting. I am a woman. I can get pregnant. I look at those two sentences I just wrote, and I get chills. They actually have the power to frighten me. They also are beginning to intrigue me. On a not unrelated topic, Marcus video xnxx arrives home today from his college up north to begin his mid-semester break. We won't have much time zoo xnxx together since his folks are expecting him at their mountain cabin in xnxx jav the Sie